Best Solar Cleaning and Repair Services in California

Spit N Shine LLC is a leading company in California, renowned for its solar cleaning and repair services in California. With a clear focus on sustainability and efficiency, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to optimize the performance of your solar energy systems. Our expertise extends to solar panel cleaning, a crucial service ensuring that your panels operate at their peak efficiency. Our cleaning service guarantees that your panels remain free from obstructions, maximizing their output. Beyond keeping your panels clean, Spit N Shine LLC excels in solar service and installation. Whether you’re looking to adopt solar energy for the first time or enhance your current setup, our team has the skills and knowledge to provide seamless installation services. We remove solar panels and offer reinstallation, a necessary service when renovating your property or addressing roofing issues.

Understanding the challenges posed by wildlife, we offer bird and wildlife barrier installation services. These barriers protect your solar investment from birds and animals, which might nest under or damage the panels. Such preventive measures not only extend the lifespan of your panels but also maintain their efficiency. Our solar panel efficiency checks and equipment inspections identify potential issues precisely. It avoids costly repairs and ensures your system operates smoothly. We provide backup battery system services, enabling you to store surplus solar energy. This service ensures a reliable power supply, even during outages, making your solar system more effective and versatile. In essence, Spit N Shine LLC is your go-to provider for all solar-related needs in California. Our commitment to excellence and comprehensive service range make us the ideal partner for anyone looking to maximize their solar investmentbest

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